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Sports-Tech Biz is a publication and community of leaders, entrepreneurs, up-and-coming talent, and experts in their field who are interested, invested, or want to learn more about the business, technology, and future of the sports industry.

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If you care about the tech trends taking over sports, the history and evolution of the half-a-trillion-dollar industry, the impact of macroeconomic events, or the way money is flowing within sports – this is for you.

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What is The Halftime Snacks?

The writer behind Sports-Tech Biz – Ronen Ainbinder, is also the host of The Halftime Snacks Podcast.

The podcast spotlights the best people, projects, and ideas in sports & tech.

The show features over 100 conversations with the leaders disrupting the sports industry. Guests include top talent from companies like Overtime, WSC Sports, SportsPro Media, Front Office Sports (FOS), and leAD Sports.

New episodes come out every Tuesday on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.

Who you are, and why Sports-Tech Biz will help you

Sports-Tech Biz is aimed for:

  • Experts and professionals who are invested in the future of the sports industry

  • Leaders in sports who want to be up to date with the latest trends in the industry

  • Curious, emerging talent and entrepreneurs that want to build the future of the industry

Sports-Tech Biz will help you:

  • Understand where the industry is going and why

  • Interact with a community of hundreds of leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

  • Expand your network within the sector you work

  • Speak more intelligently about the business of sports

  • Learn about complex technologies through the lens of the sports industry

  • Become a better leader at your organization by identifying the trends in technology that are impacting your job


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